[TRANS] 200921 IZ*ONE Monday Fairy Update with Chaeyeon

[TRANS] 200921 IZ*ONE Monday Fairy Update with Chaeyeon

“Hello WIZ*ONE It’s Chaeyeonㅎㅎ Today too, with a sincere heart, I’ll give you a bit of healing And I’ll fly into WIZ*ONE’s heart Actually, I’m so happy when I’m talking with WIZ*ONE
And it feels like we’re looking at each other under the same sky, I think that moment is healing. On the other hand, thank you for giving me a lot of safety and loveㅎㅎ I still have many things I’m curious about WIZ*ONE, I want to be closer, give you a lot of energy as I meet you in person but I’m a bit upset that I’m far away.. But I’ll still always come to you… Our WIZ*ONE, don’t be sick and let’s smile a lot as we pray for the day we meet again!! Good luck for this week too and I love you this week too”

#월요병_극복 #월요요정 #채연
#月曜病_克服 #月曜妖精 #チェヨン
#IZONE #아이즈원 #アイズワン #イチェヨン

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