[TRANS] 181216 “IZ*ONE” Member Q&A ★ Understand Jo Yuri we~ll!

[TRANS] 181216 “IZ*ONE” Member Q&A ★ Understand Jo Yuri we~ll!

Translated by @curioushitomi & @jjoyuriz

Date of birth: 10/22/2001
Blood type: AB
Height: 160cm
Hobbies: Reading comics, watching scary movies
Skill: Drums, piano, singing

Q. What was your dream as a child?

When I was in elementary, I was learning classical piano for an arts school I wanted to go to, because I’ve always wanted to have a music-related job. Now that I’ve debuted as part of IZ*ONE, I’m so happy that I was able to fulfill that dream!

Q. If you could only bring one person to a deserted island, what would it be?

Chaeyeon-san. She has a warm heart, and also she’s good at cooking so I’m sure she’d prepare a delicious meal even if she had to use insects (laughs).

Q. What’s your favourite Japanese food?

Konjac! I love the taste and texture so much that I wish it was sold in Korea.

Q. Where in Japan would you like to visit?

I enjoyed shopping at LaLaport when I visited Japan with the other members, so I want to go to the shopping mall again. By the way, at the time, I bought facial masks with characters on them for everyone to use at the dorms. Also, Yena-san bought a hat with polar bear ears for me and I really like it!

Q. What are you into right now?

I like the scent of soap and baby powder, and I collect body lotions and conditioners.

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