[TRANS] 181216 “IZONE” Member Q&A ★ Understand Jang Wonyoung we~ll!

[TRANS] 181216 “IZ*ONE” Member Q&A ★ Understand Jang Wonyoung we~ll!

Translated by @curioushitomi & @jjoyuriz

Date of Birth: 08/31/2004
Blood type: O
Height: 169cm
Hobbies: Playing with her onee-sans
Skill: English language

Q. What are your strengths?

I think I’m very cheerful. No matter how tired I am, as long as I’m together with everyone in IZ*ONE, I will be lively!

Q. What was your dream as a child?

I looked up to announcers. Originally, I liked talking to people and I wanted to announce various events to the world.

Q. What are some items you like and bought recently?

A stuffed animal! On the day before the non-no shooting, I had a chance to go to a store with my onee-sans (members). And I bought one. I hug it in my free time ♡

Q. What is your commitment to makeup?

I think it’s eye makeup… I like having well-defined eyes, so when I do my makeup, I pay attention to my eyes. I pay particular attention to my eyeliner! I follow the shape of my eyes & don’t create a wing but rather I elongate my eye shape.

Q. How do you reward yourself when you’ve worked hard?

I eat sweets with my onee-sans after work. Gummies and candies, stuff like that. Everyone in IZ*ONE loves sweets.

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