[TRANS] 181216 “IZ*ONE” Member Q&A ★ Understand Choi Yena We~ll!

[TRANS] 181216 “IZ*ONE” Member Q&A ★ Understand Choi Yena we~ll!

Translated by @curioushitomi and @jjoyuriz

최 여나
Date of birth: 9/29/1999
Blood type: A
Height: 163cm
Hobbies: Reading comics, watching movies
Skill: All kinds of games, including crane games

Q. What is your favorite fashion?
I may be attracted to fashion items that have a distinct color, such as yellow or a yellowish green. I like bright, vibrant and prominent colors.

Q. What do you have a habit of saying?
Saying stuff like “What’s that?” and “Really?!” while chatting with someone. I’ve never really noticed that I have a habit of saying those, but recently, many people around me have pointed it out.

Q. What was your dream as a child?
Becoming a person who sings & dances! My obsession with dance & song hasn’t changed since ancient times. When I was little, I often went to karaoke with my parents. Both my father & mother were happy to see me having fun with singing & dancing.

Q. How do you recharge your energy?
I’m the lively type so I like going out, but I also enjoy spending some time alone. I love crane games and my dream is to put crane machines in my room some day.

For example, when I want to drink some water, I’d like to operate a crane to get a bottle out (laughs).

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